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Applied Precision Signs OEM and Distribution Agreement with Cellomics

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Applied Precision, LLC has announced that it has signed an OEM and distribution agreement with Cellomics for the cellWoRx High Content Cell Analysis System. 

Applied Precision will exclusively supply the cellWoRx imaging scanner to Cellomics which will integrate the cellWoRx reader with an analysis toolbox designed for use with the cellWoRx instrument.

This entire system, including the Cellomics informatics and analysis software and license to perform high content analysis, will be marketed worldwide by Cellomics as the cellWoRx High Content Cell Analysis System. 

Additionally, Applied Precision will be the exclusive distributor of the cellWoRx High Content Cell Analysis system for academic and biotech customers in the U.S. and Canada along with all markets in Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Cellomics will sell and market cellWoRx directly in all other regions.

According to Joe Victor, Senior Vice President of the Life Science division of Applied Precision, "Applied Precision identified a need for a partner in the high content screening and analysis market nearly a year ago."

"Cellomics, with its market-leading position in High Content Analysis and robust application software capability, came to the top of our list rather quickly."

"We are thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with Cellomics to market and distribute the cellWoRx High Content Cell Analysis system worldwide."

The cellWoRx High Content Analysis System is a 4-color automated imaging system compatible with SBS standard 96- and 384-well plate formats as well as standard 1"x 3" microscope slides. 

The system is integrated with the exclusive vHCS™ Analysis Toolbox software developed for the cellWoRx system by Cellomics.

This toolbox software includes the vHCS:Scan, vHCS:View, and the Cell Analysis Tool, a general purpose BioApplication. This algorithm is a combination of cell identification and counting methods as well as translocation and morphological measurements that can be used for a variety of high-content assays. 

"The cellWoRx High Content Analysis system is a terrific addition to our market-leading ArrayScan and KineticScan platforms," said Dan Calvo, President of Cellomics. 

"Applied Precision has incorporated exceptional optics and engineering into a low-cost instrument, which when coupled with our new Cell Analysis Tool and vHCS Analysis Toolbox, provides an easy-to-use, value-priced HCA system."

"We intend to expand its capabilities in the future with additional software and informatics offerings."

Applied Precision claims that, the cellWoRx High Content Cell Analysis system can rapidly switch between up to four filter sets, imaging wavelengths from UV (EX 350nm) to near-IR (EX 750nm). 

To increase image contrast and minimize fluorescence background, cellWoRx employs oblique illumination technology in place of traditional epi-fluorescent illumination, while also using a white-light based CCD camera that delivers higher quantum efficiency than is possible with laser-based systems. 

Image quality is further improved through proprietary deconvolution software that reassigns captured light back to its point of origin, and an extended field-of-view feature which images multiple focal planes to construct maximum projection images.

To further enhance image quality and improve repeatability, a fixed optical train is employed, which allows integration of the entire imaging path than is possible with interchangeable optics.