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BioFocus Launches www.SilenceSelect.com Microsite

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SilenceSelect consists of over 11,500 shRNAs that can be used to knock-down approximately 5000 different human druggable targets.  All of the protein classes that are considered to be affected by small molecule drugs are well represented.  FLeXSelect is comprised of a collection of over 1,900 full-length human cDNAs that can be used to enhance the expression of specific genes within a cell.  Using the properties of adenovirus vectors, the cDNA or shRNA is effectively delivered into a wide range of targeted human primary cells.  These collections, combined with BioFocus’s unsurpassed expertise in designing disease-relevant high-content and high-throughput screening assays, serve as the basis for target discovery and mechanism of action studies.  The microsite is updated daily with the latest contents of SilenceSelect and FLeXSelect, including the latest gene transcript information from NCBI.

For further information, please visit www.SilenceSelect.com or www.biofocus.com.