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Biogazelle Appoints Armin Winands as New CEO

Biogazelle Appoints Armin Winands as New CEO content piece image
Credit: Biogazelle
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Biogazelle is pleased to announce the appointment of Armin Winands as its new
CEO effective 1st July 2018, following Jan Hellemans who will take on the role of CTO after 10 years as CEO.

From qPCR to molecular test development

The appointment of Winands is part of Biogazelle’s strategy to position itself as a respected European
player in the field of molecular test discovery, development and analysis. With its internationally
recognized expertise in gene expression and liquid biopsies, Biogazelle is convinced that its unique service
offering is a valuable contribution to the field of precision medicine.

Since first offering qPCR services to its clients in 2011, Biogazelle’s ambition has always been to deliver
outstanding quality and technically valid results. More recently, Biogazelle has broadened its activities
towards molecular test development, further building on years of experience in quantitative PCR and
RNA sequencing of clinical samples.

With its innovative service, Biogazelle targets pharmaceutical companies, central labs and contract
research organizations aiming at incorporating biomarker analyses in various therapeutic areas.

Leveraging talent to excel

Winands looks forward to leading the company through its next phase of innovation and spur rapid

“I am incredibly proud and excited to lead Biogazelle and execute our global strategy
following our vision of becoming a highly valued partner to our customers
developing diagnostics and therapeutics. Biogazelle has a fantastic business and
with its expertise in biomarker discovery, clinical assay development and liquid
biopsies we are set up very well to serve our customers. The deep pool of talent,
motivation and customer focus differentiates our team and makes us the preferred
partner for our customers.”
— Armin Winands, PhD, newly appointed CEO of Biogazelle —

Winands is a highly experienced, successful and well-regarded business leader. He has gained
experience in the markets of genetic testing, biomarker discovery and clinical assay development since
2010 and has built expertise in building and leading international teams for over 20 years. Winands is a
people- and customer-focused individual with strong history of managing highly engaged and results
oriented teams.

Simultaneous to the appointment of Winands, Biogazelle has expanded its pool of talent with two
experienced sales managers in Europe and two skilled project managers responsible for providing value
to the customers.

“In the last few years, we have been working hard to establish state-of-the art solutions
in a professional organization with all applicable quality assurance measures in place.
Going forward, I am eager to work with Armin as CEO. His demonstrated talents to lead
commercial teams will be essential for the continued growth of Biogazelle in an
international context.”
— Jan Hellemans, CTO and co-founder of Biogazelle —

Exploiting RNA to improve healthcare
Biogazelle, specialized in liquid biopsies and (non-coding) RNA, supports scientist in the development of
diagnostics and therapeutics by offering innovative solutions in a quality environment. Biogazelle offers
expert genomic and transcriptomic services performed in an ISO17025 accredited and GCLP-compliant
laboratory to support research, clinical trials and precision medicine.