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Caliper Collaborates with Invitrogen to Develop Fluorescence Kits for Optical Imaging

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Caliper Life Sciences, Inc. has announced a partnership with Molecular Probes, a wholly owned subsidiary of Invitrogen Corporation, to develop and distribute custom fluorescence labeling kits optimized for use in combination with Caliper's IVIS® in vivo optical imaging systems.

The kits, VivoFluor 680 and 750, utilize the Invitrogen Alexa Fluor® 680 and 750 dyes and allow researchers to leverage the IVIS systems' highly sensitive fluorescent detection capabilities to identify and tag specific molecular targets, such as antibodies, proteins and peptides, in living animals.

"Caliper is already a key partner for Invitrogen in microfluidics and is one of the pioneers in small animal in vivo optical imaging. We are proud to have them as our newest small animal in vivo imaging partner," said Augie Sick, General Manager of Molecular Probes.

"Pairing our reagents with leading small animal instrument and software platforms is critical to us as the fluorescence imaging market becomes increasingly important in preclinical research."

"By helping generate higher quality, more predictive data earlier in the process, we believe that the addition of quantitative fluorescence capabilities to the IVIS imaging products can help accelerate drug discovery and development and significantly reduce the cost and time to market for new therapies," said Mark Roskey, Ph.D., Vice President, Reagents and Applied Biology, Caliper Life Sciences.

"Partnering with a life sciences industry leader enables Caliper to continually bring advanced tools to the market."

The kits, developed by Molecular Probes and marketed by Caliper, include all of the elements needed to perform conjugations in one convenient package, including dyes, buffers and columns.

With sufficient reagents to perform three conjugations, each kit allows for experimentation on approximately 60-90 small animals.

These kits, in conjunction with the IVIS Spectrum instrument, allow real-time in vivo assessment of biological processes, such as the spread and growth of diseases, as well as the measurement of disease- specific molecular events in critical animal models.