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Can Science Keep up with the Demand for Personalized Wellness?

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The desire for personalization is permeating all aspects of life, and there is nothing more personal than decisions about health and wellness. As consumers increasingly seek products and services tailored to the individual level, personalized wellness can include everything from genetics-driven diet plans to digital disease management. Business opportunities abound in this ever-growing industry, but it is a high-stakes field: building a robust body of evidence to inform health and wellness products and services is non-negotiable. How can the field evolve so the science keeps pace with the new technology?

FoodMinds, a food and nutrition affairs company, addressed these complex topics in a new paper published in the peer-reviewed journal Nutrition Today. Titled Personalized Wellness Past and Future: Will the Science and Technology Co-Evolve? it captures the state of the field, posing thought-provoking questions about the science supporting the personalized wellness space and offering a look at the future of the sector.

“There is significant potential for companies and commodities to impact public health through product development, collaborations and integration with existing systems and services. We expect drastic growth in the next 3-5 years, including more AI-driven offerings as well as new modes of use, such as embeddables and ingestibles,” said Ashley Desrosiers, M.S., R.D., vice president and Personalized Wellness Team lead. “FoodMinds can be a thought partner on the best approach for staking a claim in this evolving space.”

FoodMinds partners with companies to help credibly define their position in target markets and support the co-evolution of personalized wellness science and technology. For companies developing or evolving their strategic approach to personalized wellness, FoodMinds delivers data-driven insights, research pipeline development, strategic communication programs, health professional and influencer engagement strategies, and regulatory landscape monitoring and analysis.


Kanter and Desrosiers (2019) Personalized Wellness Past and Future - Will the Science and Technology Coevolve?. Nutrition Today. DOI: 10.1097/NT.0000000000000354

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