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CLC bio Provides Bioinformatics Educational Solutions to 25 Affiliated Colleges of an Indian Univerisity

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CLC bio has announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding at an official ceremony at Andhra University in India.

Under the agreement, Andhra University and 25 affiliated post graduate colleges will implement CLC bio’s educational solutions as an integrated part of their curriculum.

CLC bio provides their sequence analysis software, CLC Combined Workbench, to the university and colleges as well as training of the teachers and provision of customized education materials like PowerPoint slides, exercises, and more.

At the signing ceremony, Professor L. Venu Gopal Reddy, Vice Chancellor of Andhra University stated: “Its our great pleasure to announce this collaboration with CLC bio India. We are very happy to state that from now on Andhra University will be a dedicated user of CLC bio's bioinformatics solutions in all our life science departments like Biotechnology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Botany and Human Genetics.”

Reddy continued, “We consider CLC bio to be the premier bioinformatics solution provider in the world and this agreement will support education in Andhra University significantly. We are very proud to say that this agreement generates a significant competitive advantage compared to most other universities in India and abroad, in the field of bioinformatics and life sciences.”

Thomas Knudsen, Chief Executive Officer in the CLC bio Group added: “I am honored to be attending the signing ceremony of this important agreement. I am sure that the use of our Educational Solutions - already implemented at a large number of universities in Europe, USA, and India - will bring Andhra University and the affiliated colleges a great step forward in their work to be among the top universities in India and abroad. I am also very happy with the extensive future collaboration which is a part of the agreement, ensuring that CLC bio’s Educational Solutions will always stay at pace with the fast moving educational sector in India.”

The software implementation and training will be carried out by CLC bio India which is headquartered in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.