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Clinical Data and Lab21 Launch Cardiac Channelopathy Genetic Test

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Clinical Data, Inc. has announced that its PGxHealth™ division has entered into an agreement with Lab21.

Under terms of this agreement, Lab21 will have exclusive rights in the U.K. and Ireland to market and sell Clinical Data’s FAMILION® test, a genetic test designed to identify mutations in people with inherited cardiac channelopathies such as Long QT Syndrome (LQTS) and Brugada Syndrome.

In addition, the parties have agreed to consider other proprietary, molecular and pharmacogenomic tests developed and commercialized by PGxHealth for future launch in the U.K. and Ireland.

John Schultz, SVP, Business Development, PGxHealth, said, “This agreement enables Lab21, one of Europe’s leading providers of molecular diagnostic tests, to exclusively market our Long QT genetic test, FAMILION, to end users in the United Kingdom and Ireland.”

“PGxHealth’s strong Long QT intellectual property portfolio (issued patents and pending applications), deep knowledge of the genetic foundation for these channelopathies, and experience with electrophysiologists and cardiologists will allow Lab 21 to offer providers and patients the best service and test offering for these cardiac channelopathies in their territory.”

“Furthermore, our experience and proficiency in delivering this test will allow for an average of less than four weeks’ turnaround time from sample receipt to delivery of test results. Consequently, we expect our combined offering with Lab21 to be highly competitive and address a significant unmet market need,” he continued.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to exclusively provide PGxHealth’s cardiac channelopathy test to customers in Ireland and the U.K. Lab21 already provides market leading genetic testing products particularly for predicting disease predisposition,” said Berwyn Clarke, CSO of Lab21.

“This new relationship with PGxHealth offers us significant opportunities to build this franchise by leveraging our existing ties to many of the region’s key healthcare providers. We look forward to exploring similar collaborations in the future as PGxHealth launches additional pharmacogenetic and molecular diagnostic tests.”