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Clinical Data’s Cogenics Division Enters into Alliance with Epigenomics

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Clinical Data, Inc. and Epigenomics AG have announced an agreement to offer Epigenomics’ DNA methylation services through Clinical Data’s service division, Cogenics.

Under this agreement, Cogenics will promote to its customers Epigenomics’ portfolio of DNA methylation services including genome-wide DNA methylation analysis, bisulfite sequencing, and real-time PCR technologies, which are performed in Epigenomics’ laboratories in Germany.

Additionally, the companies plan to offer regulated (GLP) DNA methylation analyses in Cogenics’ laboratories in the US. Under the agreement, Epigenomics will promote Cogenics’ pharmacogenomics and molecular biology services to its DNA methylation biomarker development partners and customers that Epigenomics serves through its Clinical Solutions group.

Robert Bondaryk, Ph.D., Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cogenics, said, "We are very pleased to enter into this partnership agreement with Epigenomics and look forward to working closely with the company. We are excited to offer Cogenics customers Epigenomics’ expertise and technology in DNA methylation services. This partnership brings unique value to our customers by expanding our current biomarker offering to now allow them to use DNA methylation as a marker of disease diagnosis, prognosis and drug response prediction.”

Christina Dahlstroem, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Epigenomics’ Clinical Solutions group, said, “This reference laboratory partnership with Cogenics enables us to serve Cogenics’ broad client base with our DNA methylation services and biomarker development expertise.”

“We are excited about the prospect of eventually offering DNA methylation analysis in a regulated environment through Cogenics. This will be particularly important once our pharma partners want to use the biomarkers in clinical trials. In addition, we are enthusiastic about being able to offer our customers an even broader range of biomarker services, in addition to DNA methylation, through this partnership with Cogenics,” Dahlstroem added.