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Complete Genomics Now Accepts DNA Obtained From Saliva for Whole Human Genome Sequencing

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Complete Genomics Inc. has begun accepting DNA samples derived from human saliva. By providing the same high-quality results for saliva-derived DNA as for samples collected from blood and cell lines, this new offering opens Complete's whole human genome sequencing service to researchers who have collected or will collect saliva samples.

Complete Genomics is working with DNA Genotek Inc., a subsidiary of OraSure Technologies Inc., and a leading provider of DNA collection, stabilization and preparation products. DNA Genotek's Oragene family of products enables easy and non-invasive self-collection of saliva samples from large numbers of individuals while delivering high-quality DNA. Complete Genomics' customers can order saliva collection and preparation kits from DNA Genotek and use this validated method for whole genome sequencing.

Saliva is a convenient, non-invasive and cost-effective method of collecting DNA. Unlike blood, saliva contains a mixture of both human and bacterial DNA. Although samples collected with DNA Genotek's kits are stabilized at the point of collection to inhibit bacterial growth, all samples containing bacterial DNA require additional sequencing to reach the same human coverage level and quality results, because a portion of the reads generated map to bacterial genomes rather than human. Complete Genomics sequences saliva DNA samples ensuring all samples receive a guaranteed minimum average coverage (gross mapped bases) of 50x.

"By facilitating the easy collection of high-quality saliva DNA samples, DNA Genotek has made it significantly easier for researchers to utilize Complete Genomics' whole human genome sequencing service, while maintaining the superior accuracy that the community has come to expect from its sequencing service," said Ian Curry, president of at DNA Genotek Inc.

"We have verified that the sequencing data we generate from saliva samples collected and extracted using DNA Genotek kits meet our high-quality, low error-rate standards," said Dr. Clifford Reid, Complete Genomics chairman, president and CEO.