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CytoGenix Completes synDNA™ Supply Agreement

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CytoGenix, Inc. announced completion of the first Supply Agreement to provide DNA products to one of its customers. Under the Agreement, the customer will purchase its entire requirements of DNA products from CytoGenix for the term of the Agreement.

The customer will provide CytoGenix with flexible one year and quarterly forecasts representing the customer’s needs for multiple key DNA constructs of the type and quantity of DNA products that the customer expects to purchase in each of the next four calendar quarters.

Dr. Yin Chen, Chief Scientific Officer, comments, “Customer recognition of the advantages of our cell-free DNA production platform contrasted with plasmid DNA derived from bacteria is a major contributing factor in attracting this type of repetitive commitment to purchase our synDNATM products.”

Dr. Frederic Kendirgi, Senior Scientist overseeing the Company’s DNA production platforms, notes, “This Agreement advances the ongoing relationship with our customer, acknowledging our ability to produce and supply DNA material of custom quality and in a timely manner per the customer’s request and expectation. We expect this agreement to demonstrate our commitment to foster productive and long term relationships with clients.”

Malcolm Skolnick, CEO, states, “This Agreement is a step in the Company’s goal toward selling synDNA™ products in the therapeutic market as a replacement for plasmid based DNA products. We will continue our efforts to expand our synDNA™ sales and conclude similar agreements with additional customers.”