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Devgen Appoints a New Independent Director of the Board

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Devgen nv (EVG) has announced that Mrs. Ruth Devenyns has been appointed independent director of the Board for a term of two years.

Mrs. Devenyns has a long standing experience in the biotechnology sector.

A former analyst and investment banker, Ruth Devenyns was in charge of the venture capital activities in the sector at KBC Private Equity until end of March 2012.

She was involved in several IPO’s, private placements and M&A-transactions and held various directorships including Ablynx, Applied Maths and Biocartis.

At KBC Private Equity she also managed various investments in agro-biotech and seed companies such as CropDesign and Ceres.

Currently, Ruth Devenyns is an independent director at MDx Health and director of FlandersBio, the biotech sector organization in Flanders. This month she will join Korys, the investment structure of the Colruyt family.

Remi Vermeiren, Chairman of Devgen’s Board, welcomed her: "Ruth Devenyns is a valuable addition to the Board. With her eminent expertise in finance and her track record in biotech companies, she will contribute significantly to Devgen’s Board."