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Diversigen, Baylor Miraca Announces Strategic Partnership

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 Diversigen, Inc., the leading provider of comprehensive microbiome analysis services, has announced a strategic partnership with Baylor Miraca Genetics Laboratories (BMGL), a global leader in genetic testing, to provide their customers access to a broad range of targeted genomics and metabolomics services. The two companies, both commercial endeavors of Baylor College of Medicine, are leveraging the scientific acumen and research infrastructure from the renowned College that founded them. Each company will provide access to the services of the other for customers interested in a greater understanding of the host-microbiome relationship.

According to Cynthia Sheridan, Diversigen President, “Our pharmaceutical customers have expressed an interest in correlating microbiome data with specific host genetic traits to better understand the host-microbiome relationship as a factor in disease and in the search for more effective therapies. This partnership with BMGL will allow us to provide broader services resulting in deeper insights into human health and disease.”

“Partnering with Diversigen gives us a tremendous opportunity to extend our reach into new markets, while maintaining a very clear and aligned path towards improving patient health around personalized medicine,” said Gary Huff, Baylor Miraca President and CEO.