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DNAPrint Expands High-Throughput Genotyping Capacity

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DNAPrint Genomics, Inc. has announced the expansion of the Company’s high-throughput genotyping capacity from 1.3 million to 3.9 million genotypes per day.

"Multiplexing and advanced automation protocols provide the flexibility to process large or small genotyping studies without compromising cost per genotype," stated DNAPrint Genomics President and Chief Executive Officer Richard Gabriel.

"Increasing high-volume throughput advances our ability to determine genotypes at economical costs to our customers and business partners. Coupled with our population ancestry technology, we can achieve better research results at a business-smart price."

The increase in processing capacity particularly targets the pharmaceuticals and healthcare market. DNAPrint claims that, it enables the Company to process clinical trials samples to ensure that patient population groups are accurately categorized, and perform large scale genotyping work for the various industries interested.

DNAPrint Genomics Founder and Chief Scientific Officer Tony N. Frudakis, Ph.D., noted that the Company has key advantages over other laboratories offering genotyping services.

"We are unique in our expertise in population structure analysis using our Ancestry Informative Markers (AIM)," said Dr. Frudakis. "We can demonstrate to our customers that failure to understand the ancestral or biological structure of their study population can significantly confound and even compromise genetic studies."

"We offer a unique approach to  maximizing the probability of success in pharmacogenetic, predisposition, risk profiling and susceptibility studies that many companies are pursuing alongside drug and diagnostics development."

DNA Print has genotyping facilities at its Sarasota headquarters and at laboratories in Richmond, Calif., and Toronto, Canada, which utilize sophisticated equipment manufactured by Beckman Coulter and Illumina, Inc.

The U.S. laboratories are genotyping with the GenomeLab SNPstream from Beckman Coulter while the Toronto lab is equipped with the Illumina bead machine and is also offering HAP MAP SNP genotyping services.

"Results from the GenomeLab SNPstream from Beckman Coulter are 99+% reproducible, providing the kind of validation that we believe the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is seeking for its clinical trials data," Dr. Frudakis noted.