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Eurofins Expands its Genomic Activities

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Eurofins has announced that this week, three companies offering genomic services (e.g. custom production of synthetic nucleic acid, DNA analysis, proteomic services) in Germany, Japan and the USA have joined the Eurofins Group.

With about 200 employees these companies achieved a turnover of over € 20 million in 2006 and should contribute positively to the result of the Eurofins Group from 2008 onwards.

A number of molecular biology methods have been developed over the past 25 years based on the availability and affordability of custom synthetic nucleic acids such as DNA-amplification, DNA-sequencing, SNP-analysis, gene synthesis and genotyping.

Custom sequences of synthetic nucleic acid can now be produced within 24 hours and are used for the analysis of genetic fragments derived from natural samples in order to analyze their structure and potential mutation. These molecular biology methods have a growing usage in many sectors of the industry including food and feed safety, environmental control, pharmaceutical drug and diagnostic development. They are also one of the main tools currently used in life science research.

Molecular-biological techniques are used to develop new generations of drugs in clinical research. They enable optimization of the research by taking into consideration genetic differences in individuals, improving effectiveness and reducing side effects. Synthetic nucleine acids are further utilized in clinical diagnostics and also the agricultural industry to discover metastases, viral infections and contamination of food.

“Through these acquisitions we will, together with our new partners, improve our market penetration in the area of molecular-biological research”, said Dr. Gilles Martin, CEO of Eurofins.