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Eurofins Genomics Opens Louisville Facility

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Eurofins Scientific has announced the opening of its new manufacturing and services facility in Louisville, KY, in the US. The large, 65,800 ft2 (6,113 m2) facility functions as the Group's central genomics laboratory in North America, focusing on the custom production of DNA and RNA oligonucleotides synthetic gene synthesis, and genomics services including DNA sequencing,
synthetic biology, and next generation sequencing (NGS).

As a leader in analytical laboratory technology, Eurofins continues to expand its global infrastructure of advanced laboratories. Since 2005, Eurofins has invested over $800,000,000 dollars to add or modernize over 350,000m2 of laboratory surface to its network, and plans to add another 120,000m2 by the end of 2017. The Louisville, KY facility will be one of the newest and most advanced genomics facilities in the world. As a multi-functional hub, the site will also house other activities such as food and microbiology testing, which should foster diversity and synergy between scientific applications of molecular testing.

The company will introduce new, proprietary synthesis technology in the new facility, which will lead to increased quality and reliability in its oligonucleotides production capabilities. Quality standards implemented during construction are already among the highest in the industry and supported by several internationally recognized certifications such as ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485: 2003 and an FDA certification for GMP production.

Located in the central hub for a major courier service operator, the new site offers unparalleled accessibility to the major cities in the US, and will allow Eurofins Genomics to become the fastest provider of genomics services in the marketplace. This should, in turn, allow for faster, more seamless service delivery to scientists nationwide. Furthermore, Louisville's highly trained workforce aligns well with the advanced production processes that Eurofins Genomics and other biotech firms require.

Comment from Dr. Gilles Martin, Eurofins Scientific CEO: "We are proud to open our newest genomics competence center in Louisville, KY. Our ambition is to make it the most modern and innovative facility of its kind in the world. This state-of-the-art laboratory reflects the Group's commitment to quality, innovation, and to contributing to the advancement of scientific research and health sciences around the globe."

Comment from Matt Bevin, Governor of Kentucky: "We are pleased to welcome Eurofins Scientific to Kentucky and excited about the opportunity to create jobs in the promising career field of genomics right here in Louisville. We are glad they will be taking advantage of the many logistical capabilities that cannot easily be replicated by other states. It is a testament to the quality of Louisville's workforce and further indication that Kentucky is open for business."

Comment from Greg Fisher, Mayor of Louisville: "Eurofins is a great example of the type of global leader our city wants to attract. A modern, innovative company that delivers, bringing together two of our five main economic development clusters - logistics, and lifelong wellness and aging care. Our city's central location, with world-class logistics, will help Eurofins get their products in, tested and returned more efficiently than anywhere else. This is a big win for Louisville as we continue to attract and support leaders in these industries."