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Euroscreen and Cephalon Extend their Collaboration for GPCR Drug Discovery

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Euroscreen has announced that it has extended the term of an agreement with Cephalon, Inc. to collaborate on multiple drug discovery programs through 2009.

Euroscreen and Cephalon initiated the collaboration in 2004 to discover and develop small molecule therapeutics focused upon central nervous system diseases and targeting G-Protein Coupled Receptors, or GPCRs, a family of receptors that play a major role in cell signaling.

The companies apply the AequoScreen™ proprietary functional assay technology in their efforts to generate small molecule leads across a broad range of GPCR targets.

Under the terms of the agreement, Euroscreen will receive R&D payments and additional milestone payments for successful programs. Euroscreen retains rights to programs that are not pursued by Cephalon under the collaboration.

"We are pleased work closely with Euroscreen on this initiative and continue to leverage their existing broad array of GPCR assays and technologies that compliment our own drug development expertise," said Mike Williams, Vice President, Discovery Research of Cephalon.

"The extension of this strong partnership with Cephalon evidences the positive relationship and results experienced to date.  We continue to drive together toward as many drug candidates for Cephalon as possible," said Jean Combalbert, CEO of Euroscreen.

"This expansion of our collaboration is one example of our increased focus on our drug development business following the recent acquisition of our Euroscreen Products SA business by PerkinElmer Inc."