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Fabric Genomics and Genome Medical Partner to Inform Patients and Clinicians of Genetic Results

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Fabric Genomics and Genome Medical announced that they have entered into a partnership with the goal of bringing expert medical interpretation and counseling around genomic data directly to physicians and patients. Genome Medical will use Fabric Genomics’ clinical interpretation platform, Fabric Enterprise™, for ongoing examination of its patients’ genomic data to augment data analysis, annotation and interpretation in collaboration with its laboratory partners. News of the partnership will be highlighted this week at the AGBT Precision Health Conference in Arizona, the Global Genes Rare Patient Advocacy Summit in California, and the National Society of Genetic Counselors 36th Annual Conference in Ohio.

Cost-effective sequencing can now yield insight into diseases that are amenable to prevention as well as to precise intervention. While the tools for sequencing are readily available, resources for interpreting results and helping patients understand the information are less accessible. 

Through this partnership, Genome Medical’s expert team of physicians and genetic counselors will be able to turn to Fabric Enterprise to augment the information provided to individuals and clinicians. Genome Medical’s workflow will now provide an end-to-end offering by helping patients and physicians decide whether they need a test, how to order the right test, interpreting the results, integrating the results into subsequent medical decisions, and reinterpreting DNA over the course of treatment if applicable. 

“By combining our expertise in genome interpretation with Genome Medical’s team of physicians and genetic counselors, we can offer patients and physicians a clinical solution by combining genomic knowledge with patient care to improve their health,” explains Martin Reese, Ph.D., CEO at Fabric Genomics. “Genome Medical brings a critical missing link to patients through their world-class genetic medical expertise, plus a strong medical practice foundation. This partnership is key to helping both patients and clinicians understand their genetic variants and discover if they have a disease, or are at risk of developing a disease.” 

“Year by year, our knowledge about how genetics affects health and our ability to apply this knowledge to improve patient health grows dramatically,” said Steven Bleyl, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Medical Officer at Genome Medical. “We believe genomic medicine is a lifelong journey. To that end, it will be increasingly important that our clinicians have the right tools to view, query, interpret and re-interpret our patients’ genetic information over time. We have partnered with Fabric Genomics to meet that crucial need.”