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Fast and Focused Sequencing from Single Genes to Entire Exomes

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Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) will host a talk on maximizing efficiency of NGS enrichment panels at the qPCR & NGS 2015 Advanced Molecular Diagnostics for Biomarker Discovery Symposium on Monday March 23rd at 3PM. The talk will detail current technical issues faced by researchers when using hybridization enrichment panels and provide practical advice on how to increase successes while reducing time and costs in targeted sequencing.

NGS researchers increasingly require fast and focused sequencing across multiple samples and solution hybridization enrichment panels present an efficient and cost-effective method to achieve this. By selectively targeting only the regions of interest these panels enable an increased number of samples to be simultaneously run at superior depth across single genes to entire exomes. The informative talk presented by Dr Scott Rose, Director of Enzyme Development and Molecular Biology Reagents at IDT, will detail panel design and effective set up of hybridization reactions as well as exploring the capabilities of the latest technology in the field. 

Talk attendees will discover how to effectively set up rapid hybridization protocols, simultaneously enrich and capture multiple libraries and improve or alter existing panels without having to order a whole new panel. Practical and cost-effective solutions to improve usability and efficiency will be discussed including methods using individually synthesized probes such as IDT’s xGEN® Lockdown® Probes. These are built for highly uniform and specific target capture performance and can be used both to build new, optimized panels and enhance existing panels. 

Register to attend the conference at www.qpcr-ngs-2015.net. Delegates can join Dr Rose’s talk on Monday March 23rd 2015 at 3PM during NGS session 1 in lecture hall 15.