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Fluxion Receives $1.2M NIH Grant for the Development of Drug Discovery Platform

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Fluxion Biosciences has announced that it has received a $1.2 million NIH grant for the development of a multiplexed single-cell electroporation system. The Phase II SBIR grant continues the successful development that was funded by NIH as part of a Phase I project completed in 2006.

The newly awarded grant will further the development of Fluxion's intracellular delivery platform. Fluxion is developing a benchtop workstation capable of selecting, trapping, and delivering biological reagents inside individual cells in a highly controlled manner.

Applications for this system include siRNA delivery, protein pathway mapping, and stem cell research. The specific goal of this research grant is the development of a high throughput prototype capable of combining electroporation for intracellular delivery with integrated functional cell analysis.

"We are excited to receive this NIH grant for the continued development of our single-cell electroporation technology," said Cristian Ionescu-Zanetti, Ph.D., co-founder and Chief Technology Officer.

"The ability to carefully control delivery of siRNA, proteins, and other reagents to individual cells offers significant potential to aid research in a number of critical areas, including systems biology research and drug discovery."