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Fox Chase Joins the Genome-Wide RNAi Global Initiative

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The Genome-Wide RNAi Global Initiative, an alliance of Dharmacon, Inc. and leading international research centers pioneering the use of whole genome RNAi screening, have announced that Fox Chase Cancer Center of Philadelphia has joined the RNAi Global Initiative.

The members of the Genome-wide RNAi Global Initiative are collaborating to advance the productivity of genome-wide RNAi screening.

"The addition of leading scientists from Fox Chase Cancer Center adds to the capabilities of the Genome-Wide RNAi Global Initiative in translational medicine and cellular research and will further strengthen the efforts of our members to apply genome-wide screening to the development of diagnostics and treatments for cancer," said William S. Marshall, Ph.D., vice president of technology and business development for Fisher Biosciences.

"The first human genome-wide siRNA library (developed by Dharmacon) represents unprecedented capabilities for genomic research, and the leading international laboratories that have joined the Genome-Wide RNAi Global Initiative are working together to optimize the utility of this new capability and develop research standards." 

"Translational research is already affecting all phases of drug development, and we believe the novel capabilities provided by genome-wide siRNA libraries will help advance our translational research further and faster," said Louis Weiner, M.D., chairman, Medical Oncology and vice president, Translational Research at Fox Chase Cancer Center.

"We are pleased to be among the pioneers working together with other major cancer researchers to utilize these new genome-wide research capabilities."

Tim J. Yen, Ph.D., senior member, Basic Science Division at Fox Chase Cancer Center added, "Understanding the mechanical and regulatory mechanisms that allow cells to duplicate and separate their genomes is fundamentally important for improving cancer treatment. We are eager to apply genome-wide screening to identify, learn and target the complex genetic interactions in human cancer cells to improve patient care."

The founding members of the Genome-Wide RNAi Global Initiative encompass a broad spectrum of biomedical research interests and geographic locations. Membership is open to not-for-profit biomedical research institutions across North America, Europe and Asia.