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Genencor Licenses the ERGO™ Genomics Platform from Integrated Genomics

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Integrated Genomics announced that Genencor the biotechnology division of Danisco A/S that develops enzymes and bio-products, has licensed the ERGO™ bioinformatics software system to characterize and optimize microbial products used in reducing the environmental impact of the cleaning, textiles, oil and chemical industries.

ERGO™ is a powerful software platform for analyzing genome sequences and performing gene annotations, metabolic reconstructions, and other gene analyses and comparisons.

Optimized for analysis of microorganisms, ERGO™ integrates biological data from genomics, biochemistry, gene expression studies, genetics and literature.

Reaching beyond conventional systems for functional analysis of DNA sequences, Integrated Genomics' platform combines pattern-based analysis with comparative genomics and enables visualization of genes in the contexts of regulation, gene expression data, phylogeny, chromosomal neighborhoods and identification of natural gene fusions.

ERGO™ contains more than 1145 genomes at various stages of completion, as well as the largest available collection of networked cellular pathways.