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Geneservice and RZPD to distribute DNABook™

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Geneservice Ltd and RZPD German Resource Center for Genome Research have announced jointly with Kabushiki Kaisha Dnaform an agreement for the distribution of the RIKEN Mouse Genome Encyclopaedia DNABook™ for Dnaform.

The book comprises the largest collection to date of complete mouse genes called FANTOM, created by the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN), with 60,770 full-length mouse cDNA clones spotted onto paper and bound in a B5 size book.

Dr Thomas Weaver, Geneservice’s CEO explained the significance of the DNABook, “In one source, you have easiest and quickest way yet conceived of accessing the entire mouse genome.”

“In addition to speed, all clones are of the same quality and quantity – even those that are traditionally difficult to extract and amplify. It really is the perfect library”.

RZPD’s Scientific Managing Director, Dr. Johannes Maurer, added, “We are very glad that we have jointly reached an agreement that allows our companies the distribution of this valuable resource”.

The actual genetic material making up a mouse (the “genome”) is physically embedded into the pages of the DNABook, allowing easy storage, distribution and instant access to the genetic material.

The book is also supported on-line by comprehensive databases for searching and retrieving essential information for each gene, accelerating functional genomic studies in the Mouse.