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Genestack to Collaborate with CMDL

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Genestack has partnered with the Cancer Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory (CMDL) to bring advanced genomic technologies into clinical practice. The collaboration will see Genestack’s platform used as the basis for incorporating advanced genomic technologies into clinical practice. The collaboration will focus on using next generation sequencing to develop a fast ‘sequence to report’ solution for the prognosis and post-treatment monitoring of bone marrow transplant patients.

By bringing next generation sequencing to clinical practice, researchers will improve patient care, and save time and money. This collaboration is the first use of the Genestack platform in a clinical setting. Although developed as a research tool, the platform is highly versatile and can be used in a range of clinical and research environments. The Genestack platform allows users to import complex data and using an analytical pipeline, build a report that clinicians can understand and use to improve patient care.

The platform will use a next generation sequencing assay to monitor donor cell engraftment after allogeneic stem cell transplantation. This will see cutting edge genomic techniques directly applied to developing new methods for the advanced diagnosis and clinical management of cancer. In addition, the platform can be used to store all relevant patient data on a secure and easily accessible system.

Misha Kapushesky, CEO of Genestack, said: “This collaboration is an important development in the adoption of the Genestack platform for use in a clinical application. If successful, this will be the first in a series of clinical collaborations with a range of partners. There are many challenges with introducing new genomic technology to the clinic, with analysis, interpretation and storage often proving a significant block. However, through partnerships such as this, we aim to use the latest in genomic technology to provide real benefits for patients.”

Dr George Vassiliou, Lead Clinician for CMDL-Haematology, said: “We are very excited with our collaboration with Genestack. It is enabling us to take what is a research tool into the clinic, in a manner that is user-friendly for diagnostic scientists and doctors. We look forward to taking on other similar and larger projects to facilitate the transfer of genomics to clinical medicine.”