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GeneThera to Advance RNA Interference Work Through Collaboration Agreement

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GeneThera, Inc. has updated its shareholders with this release announcing the continuation of work done earlier by the Company on RNA Interference in its Colorado laboratory.

"With the collaboration agreement in place with IZSLER, GeneThera can now advance our previous research work to the next stage with our access to experimentally infected cattle," said Dr. Tony Milici, CEO of GeneThera.

"We had received some promising results on some specific cell lines using RNAi but were unable to continue the research until infected cattle were available."

"With a Nobel prize being issued this year to two highly respected scientists for their discovery and research on RNAi, we feel that it is of great importance for the regulation of gene expression and it may lead to advances in vaccine programs for both animals and humans."

"Large pharmaceutical companies are beginning to understand the importance of RNAi as evidenced by Merck’s recent purchase of Sirna Therapeutics and GeneThera hopes to further its use of RNAi as a discovery tool in our TSE studies as well."