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Genome Canada Announces New Competition: Entrepreneurship Education in Genomics

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Genome Canada has announced the launch of a new pilot program called Entrepreneurship Education in Genomics (EEG).

This program aims to support initiatives to educate the Canadian genomics research community with respect to how to create and capture value from their research and translate their discoveries into marketable applications, products, technologies, systems and processes.

Following a decade of investment in genomics research, a focus on the translation of research, while maintaining a commitment to supporting cutting-edge science, is the next logical step for Genome Canada to ensure that new knowledge translates into innovations that enhance Canada's prosperity.

"This Request for Applications (RFA) is targeted to less traditional applicants to Genome Canada", said Pierre Meulien, President and CEO of Genome Canada, "We invite Canadian business schools, university departments with a entrepreneurial mandates, non-profit bioscience clusters and industry to combine their different skills and available resources to propose innovative approaches to help Canada harvest the fruits of our investments in genomics research."

One million dollars is available for this competition. Co-funding of 50% will bring the value of this three-year pilot program up to $2 million. At least two applications are expected to be funded. Successful programs will form the basis of a national program.