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George Mason University’s CAP-CLIA Lab Uses Aushon’s Array Technology

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In a cooperative effort to promote the development of personalized medicine based on reverse-phase protein array technology, Aushon BioSystems has placed a 2470 Arrayer in a CAP-CLIA laboratory established by George Mason University.

Mason’s CAP-CLIA laboratory, under the direction of Profs. Lance Liotta and Emanuel Petricoin, is focused on trials of clinical cancer treatments based on an individual’s unique protein expression profile. The new 2470 Arrayer joins several other 2470s in service at Mason.

Dr. John Austin, Co-Founder and President of Aushon BioSystems, said “We are very pleased to assist Mason with the development of this ground-breaking application of personalized medicine using protein expression.”

Dr. Lance Liotta, co-Director of Mason’s Center for Applied Proteomics and Molecular Medicine, added: “We believe that the 2470 arrayer is a superior platform that will provide the highest quality data for our translational work, and are very excited to be able to collaborate with Aushon.”