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Horizon Discovery Appoints Eric Rhodes as Chief Technical Officer

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Horizon Discovery (Horizon) has announced the appointment of Eric Rhodes as Chief Technical Officer, Gene Targeting.

Eric has over twenty years’ experience in technology development and senior executive roles, most notably as Vice President of Business Development at Sangamo Biosciences between 1998 and 2008 and most recently as Business Development Director for Sigma-Aldrich Corp.
In both roles he was responsible for the commercialization of gene-editing technology for which he closed multimillion dollar strategic licensing deals with over 25 of the top pharma and biotech companies in the world.

He also was a part of the senior management team that successfully took Sangamo BioSciences public in 2000.

At Horizon, Eric will be the Company’s primary expert in human and mammalian gene targeting methods, with significant input into R&D and marketing for rAAV-mediated genome editing technology.

He will also play a key role in supporting sites participating in Horizon’s Centers of Excellence Program.

Dr Darrin Disley, CEO of Horizon, commented: “Eric has a proven track record of delivery in the biotech industry, backed by a broad knowledge of the gene-editing field, and so brings added perspective to our technology, IP and commercial strategies. I’m delighted to welcome him to Horizon, and look forward to seeing him make an impact within an innovative, dynamic and entrepreneurial environment.”

“Horizon is an exciting company with an exceptional combination of high value technology and in-depth experience in the oncology field which brings unique value to its products and service offering,” said Eric Rhodes.

Rhodes continued, “I’m excited to join the team and look forward to helping to expand upon the range of markets and applications which the company will be addressing over the years ahead.”