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HTG Announces Distribution Agreements with Gamidor and Durviz

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HTG Molecular Diagnostics, Inc. has announced distribution agreements with Gamidor Diagnostics (“Gamidor”) in Israel and Durviz s.l. Parque Tecnológico de Valencia (“Durviz”) in Spain and Portugal to manage distribution of HTG’s next generation sequencing (NGS)-based products.

“By expanding our distribution reach into these markets, we believe the availability of the HTG Edge Seq system and assays will accelerate the adoption of molecular profiling using NGS,” stated Jean Claude Gerard, PhD, VP European Commercial Operations for HTG Molecular Diagnostics. Dr. Gerard added, “Both Gamidor and Durviz are as passionate as we are at HTG about enabling precision medicine at the local level.”

Gamidor provides systems, chemicals, reagents and services in Israel, offering diagnostic solutions to hospitals, health management systems and academic research institutes. Durviz is a distributor of next-generation sequencing reagents and library preparation systems in Spain and Portugal.

“These agreements serve to expand HTG's reach outside the United States and we see our agreements with Gamidor and Durviz as models for additional agreements with distributors in select global markets,” stated TJ Johnson, President and CEO of HTG Molecular Diagnostics.