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IDT’s San Diego, California, Manufacturing Facility Receives ISO 14001 Certification

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Integrated DNA Technologies’ San Diego, California, manufacturing facility has attained ISO 14001:2004 certification for its environmental management systems. Now, both of IDT’s US manufacturing sites (Coralville, IA and San Diego, CA) have ISO 14001 certified environmental management systems. The Coralville facility was first certified in 2012 and recertified in 2014. 

In honor of the San Diego facility’s achievement, the company is launching the IDT ISO 14001 Sustainability Award today, Earth Day. The contest for the inaugural award is focused on biodiversity and is open to all academic researchers in Southern California. Future awards may focus on other regions and other areas of study. The award recipient will receive $14,001 worth of Oligo Credit from IDT. Submission deadline is June 15, 2015, and the winner will be announced during a special event hosted at IDT’s San Diego facility on August 18, 2015. 

Dan Dernbach, General Manager of IDT’s West Coast Operations, said attaining certification was a team effort. “ISO 14001 certification solidifies our commitment to meet the highest standard of environmental accountability. We are proud of our employees’ dedication to reducing our energy consumption and water usage while increasing our recycling efforts and our use of recyclable materials. We have also reduced the use of solvents and minimized the creation of hazardous waste.” 

Dr Joseph A. Walder, IDT founder and CEO, agrees, “This certification is an important milestone for our San Diego facility. The site has grown significantly since its opening in 2005. In 2014 alone, we achieved double digit growth in both production and revenue, and increased the number of staff 20%. Attaining ISO 14001 certification while also further developing our business demonstrates our commitment to both sound environmental sustainability and responsible economic growth.” 

“What better way to acknowledge the San Diego facility’s ISO 14001 achievement than to advance local research efforts at discovery in biodiversity,” said Dr Mark Behlke, IDT’s Chief Scientific Officer. “With this award, we hope to encourage and support innovative solutions that make a difference in our local communities and for our planet.”