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Illumina Announces Collaboration with top Five Pharmaceutical Companies

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Illumina, Inc. has announced a multi-million dollar agreement with one of the top five pharmaceutical companies for the purchase and installation of a multi-component genetic analysis system.

Depending on the Illumina arrays being processed, this system will be capable of generating over 45 million genotypes per day, and will represent a core support facility for the company's global research teams.

The Illumina genetic analysis system is designed to run both genotyping and gene expression applications and will include a number of scanners and robotic components for automated sample and array processing.

An initial project involving 3,200 samples will be run using Illumina's Infinium® Assay and the HumanHap650Y BeadChip, which provide genomic coverage and the per-marker information content of any whole-genome genotyping arrays.

"We are excited that the pharmaceutical industry is adopting large-scale genotyping and that Illumina is at the forefront of this new technology," said Jay Flatley, Illumina President and CEO.

"This demonstrates that genotyping has become a robust discovery method and is now poised to move more routinely into clinical development to support pharmacogenomic and predictive diagnostic applications."