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Lab901 and Biofortuna to Collaborate on Automated PCR Dx for HLA and Coeliac Disease

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Lab901 and Biofortuna announced that they will collaborate on the launch of an automated PCR Dx system for detection of certain HLA-related diseases such as coeliac disease.

Lab901 will be optimizing its automated ScreenTape® PCR diagnostics platform for use with Biofortuna’s range of multiplex PCR diagnostics kits for the detection of Coeliac disease, and other HLA related disease such as reactive arthritis, diabetes and drug hypersensitivity.

Lab901’s automated ScreenTape PCR diagnostics platform includes an instrument, pre-packed consumables and analysis software that automatically interprets results, simplifying and speeding up gel electrophoresis.

“We are delighted that Biofortuna have chosen to optimize kits for use on the increasingly popular ScreenTape platform”, commented Richard Rowling, Lab901’s Sales & Marketing Director. “ScreenTape has won acceptance globally for the automated detection, analysis and interpretation of highly multiplexed PCR diagnostic tests and we feel the addition of new content from Biofortuna will help both companies grow sales rapidly”, he added.

Financial terms were not disclosed.