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Licensing and Commercialization Deal to Advance microRNA Research

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Rosetta Genomics Ltd. and Ambion, Inc. have announced a collaborative licensing agreement that will provide Ambion access to proprietary microRNA (miRNA) sequences discovered and owned by Rosetta Genomics.

The agreement enables Ambion to adapt its microRNA platforms to detect, quantify, and functionally characterize Rosetta Genomics' proprietary microRNA sequences.

The resulting products will facilitate basic and applied microRNA research initiatives by academic and industrial scientists worldwide.

"Identifying and understanding the role of microRNAs in human health represents a new frontier in therapeutic and diagnostic research,” said Matt Winkler, Chief Executive Officer of Ambion.

“We are very pleased that this agreement with Rosetta Genomics allows us to expand our product offering for researchers studying microRNAs, making it possible to more thoroughly examine the roles of microRNAs in biological processes like neural development, immune response, viral infection, and oncogenesis."

"MicroRNAs appear to play a critical role in gene expression and regulation, and are, therefore, likely to play a pivotal role in both the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases.”

“Our collaboration with Ambion will make it possible to apply Rosetta's technology and microRNA database to research efforts that will have a significant impact on human health in the years ahead," said Amir Avniel, President of Rosetta Genomics.