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London Genetics Facilitates Partnership between Oxford Gene Technology and Northwick Park Hospital

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London Genetics Limited, a commercial company that facilitates and manages partnerships between the healthcare industry and London centres of excellence in genetics and genomics-based medical research, announced it had facilitated a successful partnership between Oxford Gene Technology (OGT) and North West Thames Regional Cytogenetics Laboratory at Northwick Park Hospital, and their academic partners, Imperial College London, for the validation testing of OGT’s CytoSure™ oligonucleotide array products prior to their launch.

OGT used London Genetics to find a suitable facility to test its two array CGH (aCGH) products. CytoSure Syndrome Plus is a 105,000 feature array covering the whole genome that includes probes designed to 85 constitutional syndromes. CytoSure ChrX array is a 44,000 feature array that provides comprehensive coverage of all relevant clinical areas across the X chromosome at high resolution.

Using its knowledge and insight of the genetics and genomics research capabilities around the capital, through its links with London’s top science and medical institutions, London Genetics identified the cytogenetics laboratory at Northwick Park Hospital as being ideally placed to carry out the validation.

Following the successful validation tests, the two products were launched at the 6th European Cytogenetics Association conference in Istanbul.

Dr Mike Evans, CEO of Oxford Gene Technology said: “We were delighted to work with Northwick Park Hospital to validate our CytoSure family of products. Going through London Genetics to arrange the testing was really straightforward. We are sure to work with them again.”

Nick Lench, CEO of London Genetics said: “We were pleased to have been able to play a role in supporting OGT in the validation of its products prior to launch. Our goal is to be the first point of contact for anyone who would like to commission genetic or genomic-based research in London.”