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Macrogen Selects N-of-One

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N-of-One, Inc. has announced that Macrogen Corp. has selected N-of-One to provide high-quality clinical interpretation for its newly launched clinical next-generation sequencing (NGS) panels used for cancer patients. Financial terms of the agreement are not disclosed. The genomic tests showcase highly advanced DNA screenings that identify specific genes and genetic mutations in a patient’s genome that are related to major cancers and genetic diseases.

The use of Next Generation Sequencing technology makes it possible to process, sequence, and analyze large volumes of genes and long strands of genetic code, thereby allowing individualized treatment plans to be accessible. N-of-One’s patient-specific analysis identifies therapeutic options based on each patient’s specific molecular profile identified by the sequencing data.

These therapeutic options include therapies in guidelines, off label therapies, and the most relevant clinical trials prioritized based on molecular and geographical relevance. “The partnership between Macrogen and N-of-One will further strengthen Macrogen’s growth in the clinical setting to enable accessibility of personalized medicine,” said Sang Tae Park, Ph.D., the CEO of Macrogen Corp.

“It will deliver comprehensive and clear reports including therapeutic options suited to each patient with information of molecular/clinical relevance and eligible clinical trials for the rapidly growing number of clinical cancer NGS test results.” “N-of-One is very pleased to partner with Macrogen, supporting their goal of delivering the highest quality report at a cost effective price”, said Chris Cournoyer, CEO at N-of-One.