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McGraw-Hill Professional Launches Online Genetics Resource

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McGraw-Hill Professional has announced that Charles R. Scriver's definitive reference in medical genetics and molecular medicine, The Online Metabolic and Molecular Bases of Inherited Diseases, 8th edition (OMMBID) is available now.

Designed for the web and updated continuously, the OMMBID genetics resource represents the next generation of reference and learning for all researchers, scientists and clinicians involved with the causation and treatment of inherited disease.

The features and functions include a Google™-powered search engine with fast results, an intuitive interface, download options for subscribers, and pay-per-view options for nonsubscribers.

"Genetics and molecular medicine are the world's hottest fields today, not just in the healthcare industry, but in the larger scientific community," said Michael Hays, vice president of McGraw-Hill Digital.

"OMMBID provides professionals in this cutting-edge discipline with the digital resource they deserve, with greater access, functionality, and the currency of Scriver's trusted content."

"For more than 40 years, this one-of-kind reference has been the gold standard in medical genetics."

"McGraw-Hill has transformed the material in the original Scriver multi-volume reference work, creating a digital research tool that is capable of serving users in exciting new ways."

The cornerstone of quality for those in the field, OMMBID has been updated by an elite editorial team and a group of contributors representing a Who's Who of medical genetics.

Contributors include primary decoders of the human genome and the researchers currently working on the human phenome project-the next great discovery in molecular medicine.

These same contributors will also supply continuous content updates, marked by chapter for immediate identification.

OMMBID is designed to boast the ability to print chapters in PDF, pay-per-view access for non-subscribers, online lectures every quarter on essential topics, and links to such important resources as PubMed's digital archives and the GeneTests genetics website.

The OMMBID online resource also provides a variety of ways to easily search the site.

In addition to the full four-volume textbook content of the 8th edition, OMMBID offers a wealth of material from the leading edge of medical genetics, with supplemental updates and chapters continuously added to reflect the new developments in the field.

From diagnosis and treatment to testing and screening, OMMBID provides detailed answers for clinicians, scientists, and researchers in this important discipline.

Complete with complex illustrations, full-color figures, and 3-D representations, OMMBID defines changes and advances in genetics, and continuously translates basic science into patient care.