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MD Anderson Receives $22.2M in CPRIT Research Funding

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Thirty-six percent of funds awarded for Individual Investigator Awards (IIA) went to MD Anderson faculty as well as nearly 40 percent of funds awarded for recruitment, reflecting the excellence and impact of the institution’s world-class cancer researchers and star recruitment candidates.

Across Texas institutions, CPRIT awarded a total of $112 million in 73 new grants. MD Anderson CPRIT awards included $14.8 million for research, $6 million in recruitment funding and $1.4 million for evidence-based cancer prevention services. Consistent with MD Anderson’s broad research program, these CPRIT awards will fund exciting studies in cancers of the liver, skin, pancreas, and ovary, as well as lymphoma, leukemia and other cancers. A full listing of individual awards can be found below.

“We are extremely grateful to the citizens of Texas for supporting truly important and life-saving cancer research. CPRIT is helping our gifted faculty in Making Cancer History,” said MD Anderson President Ronald DePinho, M.D. “This vital funding also has proved to be a powerful force in attracting the nation’s best research talent to our institution. I applaud our investigators who were awarded funding, as well as all the scientists, clinicians and citizens who share our goal of ending cancer.”