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MDRNA, Inc. Acquires Exclusive Rights to UNA-Based Diagnostics

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MDRNA, Inc. has announced that it obtained exclusive rights to develop, make, use and sell UNA (Unlocked Nucleobase Analog)-based diagnostics from RiboTask ApS, a privately held Denmark-based company specializing in the development and synthesis of novel RNA chemistries.

MDRNA expanded its previous agreement with RiboTask for exclusive rights to the development of UsiRNA-based therapeutics to now include the development of UNA-based diagnostics. With the newly acquired exclusive rights to UNA technology combined with the previously acquired exclusive rights to Conformationally Restricted Nucleotide (CRN) technology for both therapeutics and diagnostics, MDRNA has established one of the few intellectual property portfolios supporting a nucleic acid-based personalized medicine platform with the ability to pursue proprietary nucleic acid-based therapeutics and diagnostics.

RiboTask retains co-exclusive rights to manufacture, sell and sublicense UNA technology for use in reagents. Financial terms of the expanded agreement were not disclosed.

In addition to UNA based RNAi-therapeutics, UNA-based diagnostics provides MDRNA the opportunity to capitalize upon the rapidly growing fields of personalized medicine and molecular diagnostics.

"The acquisition of the exclusive rights to UNA-based diagnostics adds significant value to MDRNA's IP portfolio and broadens our commercial opportunities in both nucleic acid-based therapeutics and diagnostics," stated J. Michael French, President and CEO of MDRNA. "Combined with our acquisition earlier this year of the CRN technology patents for both therapeutics and diagnostics, MDRNA is well-positioned to make a significant contribution to the field of personalized medicine."