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Medical Solutions Enters an Exclusive UK Agreement with Empire Genomics

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The Board of Medical Solutions plc announce that it will partner with Empire Genomics, Inc. to be the exclusive UK distributor and service provider for its ACCUArray array comparative genomic hybridization (“aCGH”) genotyping technology.

In addition to distributing the product, Medical Solutions will also offer the genotyping service from its laboratories in Nottingham, which will include in-house bioinformatics analysis and support.


• Exclusive distributor and service provider in the UK;

• Medical Solutions to offer both Human and Mouse ACCUArray aCGH as a product and also provide the genotyping service that will include in-house bioinformatic analysis;

• Novel DNA array for pre-natal, cancer and pharmacogenetic testing with diagnostic and research applications;

• Enhanced portfolio of genomic products and services provided in GLP, GCP and CPA accredited laboratories.

The addition of Empire Genomics ACCUArray will complement Medical Solutions existing portfolio of genomic products and contract research services including DNA clones and genomic analyses. The assay has clinical diagnostic applications for the healthcare community and can be used for pharmacogenetic testing by companies in the pharma biotech sector.