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Molecular Networks Announces Partnership with Thomson Reuters in Computer-Assisted Synthesis Design

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Molecular Networks GmbH announces a scientific and business partnership with Thomson Reuters in the area of computer-assisted synthesis design and the release of THERESA Prime, Molecular Networks' synthesis planning software with an integrated version of Thomson Reuters' comprehensive and high-quality Current Chemical Reactions® database.

THERESA is a reaction database-driven program system that assists chemists in identifying and developing entirely novel organic synthesis routes for their target compounds.

Leveraging Current Chemical Reactions database, which provides the latest synthetic methods reported in over 100 organic chemistry journals including back files to 1986, plus INPI archives from 1840 to 1985, THERESA Prime is a tool available for organic and medicinal chemists to address and better solve their challenges in synthesis design more easily.

"We are delighted to work with Molecular Networks and to integrate the Current Chemical Reactions database into their innovative THERESA application that offers a new dimension in computer-assisted synthesis design with its intelligent and novel way to design new synthesis pathways based on similarity searching in reaction databases", said Keith MacGregor, executive vice president at the Healthcare & Science business of Thomson Reuters.

Dr. Christof H. Schwab, Director of Marketing and Sales of Molecular Networks, adds, "We highly appreciate and value the integration of the Current Chemical Reactions database, a world-wide recognized source for chemists, to analyze and plan how a certain chemical compound can be synthesized, in THERESA Prime. Customers and users of this combined product will greatly benefit from this partnership in their effort to synthesize new chemical compounds."