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Novozymes and Prometic Enter Into Alliance for Purification of Albumin-Fusion Proteins

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Novozymes and ProMetic Life Sciences Inc. have announced that they have entered into a strategic alliance regarding proprietary albumin purification technology based upon a synthetic-ligand affinity adsorbent developed by ProMetic’s UK subsidiary, ProMetic BioSciences Ltd. The purification technology has been designed for the rapid development of Novozymes’ albufuse® albumin-fusion molecules.

Under the terms of the co-marketing alliance the companies will jointly promote the use of a new synthetic-ligand affinity adsorbent, marketed under the trade-name AlbuPure®, as a platform approach for the purification of albumin and albumin-fusion proteins.

ProMetic will be the exclusive manufacturer and supplier of AlbuPure®, however both parties will retain ownership of their respective technologies and both Novozymes and ProMetic will have the right to market AlbuPure®.

ProMetic and Novozymes Biopharma, a subsidiary of Novozymes, have collaborated on the development of AlbuPure® which was derived from ProMetic’s Mimetic Ligand™ technology and targeted at the capture and purification of recombinant albumin proteins produced in yeast. AlbuPure® binds specifically to the albumin portion of the molecule and so can be used for the purification of any albufuse® albumin-fusion protein.