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Nucleofector® Technology Combined with the Cell Line Collection

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amaxa GmbH and the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC®) have announced that they have entered into an agreement whereby ATCC will supply amaxa with cell lines to develop and optimize protocols using amaxa's Nucleofector® technology.

"It is our goal to enable our customers to genetically manipulate the cell types they consider the best experimental model," said Rainer Christine, CEO, amaxa.

"In looking for a partner, we needed a large collection of cell lines that came with reliable authentication. ATCC was the obvious choice."

"Our combined efforts will bring the life science community a big step closer to this goal."

"Scientists purchase cell lines from ATCC for a variety of experimental tasks including transfection," said Mike Gove, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, ATCC.

"By cross-referencing optimized protocols developed by amaxa with detailed information about ATCC cell lines, we are making it easier for researchers to be successful with genuine ATCC cultures and amaxa Nucleofector® technology."

In cell biology, the expression of transgenic proteins by transfection of DNA or mRNA or the suppression of protein expression by the transfer of siRNA into cells are key methods.

Although many different model cell lines are available, their genetic manipulation has often been inefficient by conventional methods.

amaxa's Nucleofector® technology is designed to allow efficient transfer of nucleic acids, even into primary cells and 'difficult-to-transfect' cell lines.