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NuGEN Enters the Next Generation Sequencing Arena with the Ovation® RNA-Seq System

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NuGEN Technologies, Inc. enters the next generation sequencing (NGS) market with its Ovation RNA-Seq System, a method of sample preparation that broadens research horizons with a more comprehensive representation of the transcriptome created from samples of a few hundred picograms.

Ovation is said to be the first RNA-Seq preparation kit with no requirement for poly(A) selection or ribosomal RNA depletion. Working from total RNA reduces bias inherent in the selection steps, and leads to creation of a more complete data set - including mRNA and polyadenylated regions - for a fuller understanding of the transcriptome.

“With our wealth of expertise in sample preparation, and our track record of enabling a range of RNA and DNA analysis platforms, we enter the NGS market with a product that enhances discovery and fuels innovative research,” said Dr. Douglas A. Amorese, Ph.D., NuGEN Vice President for Research and Development.

“The Ovation RNA-Seq System is compatible with leading commercial NGS platforms and this product lets researchers ask more targeted questions with NGS, creating a whole new world of experimental opportunities for our customers.”

Prior to the launch of the Ovation RNA-Seq System, researchers were limited to working with samples of at least 1 microgram. With NuGEN’s patented Ribo-SPIA® (Single Primer Isothermal Amplification) process, in six hours researchers can transform small samples into double-stranded cDNA fragments ready for NGS analysis, the company claims.