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Online Configuration of Custom qPCR Assays and Panels Now Available with RealTime ready Configurator from Roche

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RealTime ready Configurator (www.realtimeready.roche.com) features a new online portal that provides 24 hour access to all of the tools, information, and support for customers to meet their specific qPCR assay needs to search and select their assay or configure their custom panels and conveniently place an order. The online configuration and ordering portal offers the ability to order single assays (for up to 300 20-µl reactions) or to configure customized panels on LightCycler® 480 Multiwell Plates, with ready-to-use assays for one PCR reaction. 

The RealTime ready Configurator provides comprehensive search functions and features an intuitive graphical interface to guide people through the selection of function tested qPCR assays or to assist them in the creation of custom panels for human targets. Search functions, such as “Search by Pathway” or “Search by Focus Panels” along with detailed assay information and bioinformatic background on the targets, help to define relevant targets and quickly and easily find the right assay for the individual researcher’s needs.