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Pall ForteBio Acquires SensiQ's Pioneer SPR Product line

Pall ForteBio Acquires SensiQ's Pioneer SPR Product line content piece image
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Pall ForteBio, the developer and provider of industry-leading label-free biosensor technology platform, today announced that they will acquire the assets related to SensiQ's Pioneer product line and Pioneer products are immediately available for sales, service and support via Pall ForteBio. 

"The Pioneer SPR systems are the perfect complement to the Pall ForteBio's Bio-Layer Interferometry family of label-free instruments," said Dominik Arnold, General Manager at Pall ForteBio. "It expands the range of solutions we offer our customers from small molecule fragment screening to detailed biologics characterization that are all critical in pharmaceutical drug discovery and development as well as academic research." 

The Pioneer and Pioneer FE systems are sensitive, 3-channel, fully-automated surface plasmon resonance (SPR) instruments, with a unique OneStep® gradient injection technology. OneStep® uses a single injection to acquire kinetics for a full analyte titration up to 3 orders of Magnitude - offering unmatched speed compared to other SPR-based systems. Capable of analyzing up to 768 fragments in 24 hours, the Pioneer FE system is the ideal system for fragment screening in drug discovery. "Like the Octet systems, the Pioneer systems are enabling Technologies - providing more information faster than traditional methods and helping our customers in their quest to develop drugs in a more rapid and cost-effective manner," added Mr. Arnold.

Effective immediately, Pall ForteBio will assume responsibility for all sales, service, and support for the Pioneer FE and Pioneer instrument line and associated consumables. The closing of the asset acquisition is expected to take place in Q1 2017, after which time the product line will be integrated into its Fremont, California operations.

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