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Partek® Genomics Suite GeneChip-compatible™ for Analysis of SNP Data

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Partek Incorporated has announced that its genomic data analysis software, Partek Genomics Suite (Partek GS), has achieved GeneChip-compatible status for analysis of SNP Association Studies using the Affymetrix Inc. GeneChip Mapping array system.

Partek GS, designed to import, analyze, and visualize high-dimensional genomic data, has features for analyzing SNP data including supporting single and multiple SNP association tests performed on allele, genotype, and dominant/recessive models, estimating p-values using Monte Carlo tests, and exploring copy number and LOH data in the same region.

According to the company its Genomic Suite is the first commercially available software tool to have achieved Affymetrix GeneChip-compatible status in the following areas: Gene Expression, Exon Expression, Chromosomal Copy Number analysis, Regulation analysis, and SNP analysis.