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Philips, N-of-One Collaborate

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Royal Philips and N-of-One Inc have announced they are teaming up to enhance the capabilities of Philips’ IntelliSpace Genomics solution. The two companies will collaborate on the clinical analysis, annotation and interpretation of oncology cases processed through Philips’ new precision medicine solution for oncology. This healthcare informatics solution integrates genomic information with full patient context to empower clinicians with precision diagnostics and therapeutics, to enable them to measure the success of precision healthcare programs.
Profiling tumors using genomic information is critical for complex cancer cases, yet challenges remain in rapidly and accurately interpreting genomic findings in the context of a patient’s condition. While most cancer patients have thousands of gene variants and mutations, only a small number actually drive the individual’s specific cancer or may have actionable therapeutic implications for a particular patient.
The Philips IntelliSpace Genomics solution, which uniquely integrates complete patient information, is coupled with N-of-One’s rich experience and extensive knowledge-bases. For the first time, clinicians will have full access to N-of-One’s variant database during the case filtering and interpretation process, providing them ready access to the vast amount of available reference literature, guidelines, and evidence, in a fully interactive framework. The aim is to help clinicians determine which treatment options, clinical trials or medications are best suited to a specific case.
“N-of-One has been a pioneer in the field, and by integrating their information directly on our IntelliSpace Genomics solution, we aim to reduce the turn-around time for these cancer cases,” said Louis Culot, General Manager, Philips Genomics. “Providing specialists with the most relevant treatment options through the analysis of each patient’s unique molecular profile will help extend the reach and scale of personalized medicine.”
“Philips is a clear leader in clinical informatics, integrating and managing big data in the healthcare settings,” said Chris Cournoyer, CEO of N-of-One. “We believe that incorporating N-of-One’s Variant Database along with its patient case analysis and interpretation services will be further enabled by tight integration with this leading digital health solution.”
In addition to integrating and processing genomic information from an array of high-throughput platforms, IntelliSpace Genomics provides full traceability of data processing and cases for unprecedented reproducibility and audit of interpretation and results. Uniquely, it can also leverage existing patient information available in healthcare settings including past treatment history and lab results, while providing analytics to empower precision healthcare decision support.
Earlier, Philips and Westchester Medical Center (WMCHealth) Health Network announced the launch of WMCHealth’s new precision medicine initiative for personalized cancer treatment, which will use Philips’ IntelliSpace Genomics solution to integrate large-scale genomic analysis with extensive patient clinical data. The WMCHealth precision medicine initiative will be covering 15 hospitals and oncology practices in the New York Metro area and Hudson Valley.

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