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Plexera Bioscience Announces Agreement with Leading Therapeutic Antibody Company

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Plexera Biosciences LLC has announced that it has signed an Early Access Agreement with an undisclosed therapeutic antibody company as its first participant in the company’s Early Access Program.

As part of the Early Access Program, prospective customers will evaluate the performance of the Plexera antibody discovery system over a defined period of time, provide detailed user feedback, and intend to purchase a system upon product launch. A commercial version of the product is expected to be launched in May 2008 at PEGS: “The Protein Engineering Summit.”

“The Early Access Program and in particular this initial agreement with a world leader in the field of recombinant antibodies are important steps in our development and commercialization plan,” said Dr. Tim Londergan, Plexera’s President and Chief Operating Officer.

“It takes us one step further towards full commercialization. The past 18 months have been invested gathering customer feedback on the system which has received strong support from esteemed academic institutions. We have now enabled a viable evaluation program to address the pharmaceutical industry and facilitate future commercial agreements,” Dr. Londergan said.

By combining the analytical advantages of Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) with the multiplex capabilities of microarrays, the ProteomicProcessor™ System provides label-free, real-time detection and monitoring of biomolecular binding kinetics for up to 5,000 antigen-antibody interactions in a single run.