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Pronota Awarded Euro 1.87M Grant by Flanders Government

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Pronota NV has announced that it has been awarded a Euro 1.87M grant from the Flanders Government to further develop its diagnostic and pharmacodiagnostic protein biomarker discovery and validation platform.

The grant will be used to expand the development of Pronota’s first generation biomarker discovery platform by building on its capability to identify low abundant serum protein biomarkers.

In addition, Pronota plans to couple the discovery phase of the biomarker platform to a validation platform, making it possible to simultaneously assess the levels of a significant number of candidate biomarkers in large patient populations without the upfront requirement to generate antibodies and develop immunoassays. The remainder of the grant will be used to fund the execution of one of Pronota’s internal biomarker discovery programs.

Commenting on the grant, Dr Koen Kas, Founder and CSO of Pronota said: “The capability to discover and rapidly validate highly specific and sensitive biomarkers will bring Pronota to the forefront of the global biomarker effort, and will increase its marketing position tremendously. This award, coupled with the recent appointment of a new Chairman and a Business Development Director, shows Pronota’s commitment to becoming a leading predictive biomarker company.”

Pronota recently recruited John Berriman as Chairman and Huw Davies as Business Development Director.

The grant was awarded by the Flanders Government through IWT-Flanders, the Institute for the Promotion of Innovation by Science and Technology in Flanders.