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Proteros Biostructures Announces Collaboration with UCB

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Proteros biostructures GmbH has announced it has signed a research services agreement with UCB (Brussels, Belgium) where Proteros will support the structure-based discovery of small molecule drugs.

In the initial stage of the programme, Proteros will leverage its expertise in gene-to-structure projects and its proprietary technologies to solve the three dimensional structure of an undisclosed target together with its related proteins.
After the establishment of these crystallography systems, Proteros will screen fragments and compounds supplied by UCB with the objective of solving high resolution X-ray structures of the fragments and compounds to confirm the binding modes to the proteins, and therefore facilitating the medicinal chemistry and optimization of small molecules.

Dr. Torsten Neuefeind, Proteros’ Chief Executive Officer, commented: “We are very pleased to extend our successful relationship which we first entered in 2007, and now to be considered a key partner for UCB in this important project with UCB New Medicines™.”

The financial terms of the fixed research fees and milestones are not disclosed.