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Proxeon and Matrix Science Collaborate to Provide an Integrated Solution for Proteomics Research

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Proxeon and Matrix Science has announced a product integration and co-marketing collaboration. Proxeon’s ProteinCenter™ and Matrix Science’s Mascot software applications will be integrated to facilitate data evaluation by proteomics researchers and, in particular, to enable biologists to make better use of proteomics data.

ProteinCenter, launched in 2006, provides an immediate insight into the biological relevance of the lists of proteins generated by mass spectrometry-based protein identification. Mascot is the search engine of choice for the great majority of proteomics researchers and has been the undisputed market leader for several years. By integrating Mascot and ProteinCenter, protein identification results will be transformed in a way that meets the growing needs of proteomics research and biology labs.

Proxeon and Matrix Science jointly promoted the combined benefits of Mascot and ProteinCenter, at the American Society of Mass Spectrometry conference in Indianapolis in June this year.

“Bringing Mascot and ProteinCenter together will offer new capabilities to the proteomics research community. The two software applications have a natural fit, and their combination enables users to focus on the real business of scientific discovery.” explained John Cottrell, CEO of Matrix Science.